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Saying 'so long' at Algonquin College, Woodroffe!

Feb 15, 2019

It was a bittersweet last week for the kts2 team.

Algonquin Display 

But we were super happy to spend it in Ottawa with the amazing students of Algonquin College. We spoke to over 500 students at the campus and they were all wonderful. Our team is feeling very grateful for the opportunity to speak to and learn from so many amazing students this year. We have had a blast delivering the program across Ontario and are sad it has come to an end. We wanted to thank all of the Campus Contacts, including a wonderful Louise Legault here at Algonquin, and all of the student staff and students we have had the pleasure of speaking to and working with. We hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the school year and a warm summer break! Thanks for an awesome year!