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Breathtaking beauty in Sudbury

Jan 31, 2019

The kts2 team not only packed up the van to travel up to Sudbury but packed some extra leggings and scarves as well! This week we braved weather colder than Canada’s north to talk to students at Laurentian about how to prevent problem gambling.

Laurentian Display 

Man, Sudbury’s landscape was so beautiful and the white powdery hills, although slippery, made it even prettier. We were so grateful to get to see this is person. Although the first day was a snow day at LU, students seemed to still go about school as they would & we met and spoke with over 350 wonderful students. We wanted to thank Lyne Rivet for stopping by the display and making us feel welcome and to give a special shout out to Paul for a huge thanks for his help.