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Kicking off November at York U

Nov 12, 2018

York University was the perfect way to kick off November & our week back in Toronto!

York Display  

#kts2 has been fortunate to visit a wide variety of towns and cities, colleges and universities located in rural and urban centres. We love it all and when we set up at York University it was amazing to see how multicultural the school was. We chatted with many students who shared how far they had travelled to study in Canada & spoke to a lot of fourth year students who seemed very excited to be graduating. And every one of them were hopeful for the fall $1500 scholarship to assist them in their studies! We want to thank our Campus Contact Stephanie Francis for making our visit possible and easy. This is one of the largest schools the kts2 team has been to but she made it easy to navigate around the campus. And finally a huge thanks to our amazing student staff for all of their help over the past two days!