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A mix of history and future at UTSG

Oct 29, 2018

What a surprise to arrive at U of T, St. George campus and find our display area in a traditional brick building but updated with a beautiful, futurist glass flair. The kts2 team enjoyed being set up in the Bahen Centre and even took a picture under the original entranceway that was preserved during the renovation.

UTSG Display  

The architecture in the building was fascinating and it really made our experience that much more enjoyable. With such a wonderful backdrop, the team and our student staff talked to hundreds of students who tested their knowledge about problem gambling prevention by taking the 5-question quiz. Just like buildings need updating, so do our messages & this year we're talking to students about similarities between gambling and playing video games as well as having budgetary discussions. Thank you to Cecilia & Chad in Health Services for hosting us again this year!