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Were our feet barking....

Oct 9, 2018

Sheesh...what a great way to finish off our week! We had so much fun interacting with so many students and discussing the answers on our 5-question quiz but we could barely keep up. Thankfully we had such a great group of student staff (and comfy running shoes!) working alongside the #kts2 display at UTSC.

UTSC display

We had some really great conversations and it was so interesting to learn about all of the different programs students were taking. The kts2 team was thrilled to have been a part of the Mental Health Understood Fair on Wednesday. It was an absolute success and we learned a lot about mental health just from walking around to the different displays. Our student staff were phenomenal. Their energy was contagious and made for such a fun couple of days. We wanted to thank our student staff and Elsa Kiosses of Health Promotions for making sure our visit was an unbelievable success!