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The first sign of winter at Laurentian University

Nov 9, 2017

LU Bilingual Blog 

Just when we thought we could squeeze in another day of Fall weather, we were welcomed onto the Laurentian University campus with some light flurries! Getting out of the cold and into the brand new (at least to us!) Atrium Welcome Centre, was amazing. The building that the #kts2 was set up in allowed us to chat with loads of LU students about problem gambling awareness! There were so many students stopping at the display, asking questions, filling out our 5-question quiz, and sharing tips for keeping warm! We were especially happy to share the space with the Graduate Studies Expo on our second day. We want to especially thank our Laurentian University host Lyne Rivet from the Health and Wellness Centre, for helping kts2 out this week. On very short notice, she moved her scheduled date to an earlier one so as to increase the chance that an Ontario college could take her later date, should the work stoppage end. We couldn’t be more appreciative of her efforts to assist us and her fellow colleagues at other colleges.