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Busy time at Humber College, North

Feb 8, 2017

What a reception the kts2 Team had at Humber! Students flocked to the table as soon as we were set up. I guess they heard scholarship because before we knew it they were responding with chants of “Say no more! We’re in!”

Humber College 

Our display was set up alongside so many active clubs & we were extremely grateful to be a part of it. What an absolutely fabulous student union, Ignite, which hosts daily events in the Student Centre to keep the campus active and engaged. Despite the busiest of our display, we were treated to a performance by the Humber College Gospel Choir in celebration of Black History Month, and a large celebration for the Chinese Lunar New Year, adorned with free spring rolls and dumplings, a horoscope centre, as well as stations to make Chinese How soon can we come back?