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Extending our Sudbury visit to Laurentian University

Nov 18, 2016

The Know the Score team was fortunate to be delivering the program at two campuses in Sudbury – so an extra long stay in this amazing community!

Laurentian Travel Blog

Two daytime displays – that kept us talking and sharing information from morning to closing hours - at the wonderful Laurentian University, kept us on our feet. Students at this school were so naturally curious and we loved that they came by in between classes to find out more. During the evening breaks we found out that Sudbury has a lot of underground tunnels filled with street art and murals that provides urban scenery in contrast to the landscapes of hills, Canadian Shield and lakes and inlets--which of course are also splendid and beautiful. We want to send a big thank you to Lyne Rivet for having the program back at LU!