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Ahhh...beautiful Sudbury on a Sunday

Nov 16, 2016

What a pleasure to take our time driving up to Sudbury & what a breathtaking drive it was. One of the amazing things about delivering the Know the Score 2 program is getting an opportunity to see parts of Ontario that one often doesn’t get to visit.

Cambrian Display Blog 

We passed through so much of the incredible Canadian Shield and stopped for plenty of photo opportunities at lakes, marshes and ‘trading posts’. We had our 90s favourites playing out the speakers and when we pulled into Sudbury we had the stunning view over rolling landscapes of both the sunset and the super moon rising. It was incredible and I felt very blessed for the opportunity to travel around this amazing and beautiful province. The views we saw were only enhanced by the beauty of the Cambrian College students who stopped by the display to participate in the quiz, and to meet us in person. A huge thanks to Kim Lair who organized our visit, and to Rachel who dropped by from the local counselling agency.