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On our way to Niagara College, Welland

Nov 9, 2016

Straight up, Niagara College Welland is the best! The school is filled with so many energetic, vibrant and receptive students. 

Niagara Welland Display Blog 

It’s incredibly community-oriented and arts focused with pianos placed around campus for students to pull up a seat whenever they feel like playing. The campus is surrounded by green grounds and is steps away from the beautiful landscapes of the Welland Canal. It is inclusive by including a non-denominational prayer room on campus and environmental in the sense of ample recycling/compost and garbage units and lots of water-refill stations. The kts2 display was just absolutely swarmed with students so our two days on campus went by very quickly.  Many thanks to our Campus Contact Penny McKee, who always organizes our visit in such a beautiful way.