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On the road Ottawa

Oct 26, 2016

You would think that driving all the way to Ottawa alone might sound daunting. . . but not for Team Lead Emily! Crank the music and make like Celine Dion – belting out tunes for the nearly five hour journey.

Algonquin Woodroffe Travel Blog 

With a great group of student staff at the Woodroffe campus of Algonquin College, and Staff Support Person Dani who arrived early Monday morning, the Know the Score display was raring to go. Getting our messages to students isn’t daunting either, when we use a fun way of testing their knowledge. A Quiz! Students get to see what they know about the true chances of winning and losing, as well as some tips to keep in mind if they choose to gamble. Of course our staff have additional information and resources to share as well. Many thanks to the great Louise Legault and to the college staff with the great social media skills!