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We love UTSC!

Oct 7, 2016

We were ecstatic at the overwhelming response by students wanting to work with kts2 at the University of Toronto, Scarborough! Thanks so much Monica, Ubah, Vysnavi, Omee, Tina, Ongelle, Adrian and Cajaani who were an integral part of our success delivering this week.

UTSC Display Blog

The mental wellness fair was packed with curious students wanting to learn more and were very receptive to the problem gambling awareness messages from the display. Even with midterms well under way, UTSC students were a pleasure to chat with whether it was in the hallways, in the coffee line or studying outside on the H Wing patio. Special thanks to Elsa at the Health and Wellness Centre for once again being such a wonderful host on campus, and making sure we were able to be in the best locations on campus. Thanks UTSC and enjoy your well-deserved Reading Week break!