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6 Reasons to Volunteer as a Student

Oct 20, 2015


Volunteering is a great way to spend a portion of your spare time for reasons other than building your community hours. Here are 6 reasons to volunteer as a student!

  1. Volunteering may reduce stress & make you healthier – it enables you to focus on someone else and helping them, and positive moods strengthen the immune system.
  2. You can gain experience – what better a way to test out career paths?
  3. You meet new people – by volunteering and bringing people together, you will meet people from different backgrounds that you normally wouldn’t have met. It will also improve your teamwork skills.
  4. Understanding and helping your community needs be met helps foster a sense of empathy.
  5. You get a chance to give back – you can support community resources that you have benefitted from or that gear themselves towards issues you are passionate about. As you volunteer, you help strengthen your community.
  6. Whether or not it is on a grand scale, you will always be making a difference!

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