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6 things you should know about sports betting

Oct 30, 2014

6 things to know about sports betting

With the World Series just finished, and football season in full swing, not to mention the NHL underway, there are lots of opportunities to get in on a friend’s betting pool or to grab a Pro-Line ticket. While any type of gambling can seem like an easy way to earn some fast cash, here are 6 sports betting facts to consider:

1. Participation in sports pools is highest among 18-24 year olds, and men.

2. You cannot guarantee to know the outcome of a game because you are a sports fan, know the teams’ stats or have followed the players for years.

3. You can enjoy the big game without betting – all you need is a few of your best friends, crazy amounts of food, and the largest TV you can find.

4. You can develop a gambling problem, even if it’s ‘just betting’ among friends.

5. Using gambling as a way to earn money is never a good approach. If money worries are getting in the way of kicking back and watching some sports, keep in mind: most colleges and universities have financial aid departments who can help you with student loans and/or money management advice.

6. And finally, following your favourite players and teams can be fun, but there is no guarantee of winning. Remember to stick to money and time limits and only bet what you can afford to lose.

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