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3 bad habits to ditch this school year

Oct 17, 2014

A new school year is a fresh start -- a time to put last year’s questionable behaviours behind. Take some time to reflect on what you want to do differently, then outline how you’re going to accomplish that. Here are some of the most common offenders and helpful strategies for making this school year a healthier and happier one.

A student on his phone during class

1. Being too in love with your smartphone

Your smartphone may as well be glued to your hand, based on how much you check it while hanging out with friends, at home, and at school. Yikes. Tearing yourself away from your phone screen is vital to keeping you focused on important things, like face-to-face conversations, getting exercise, and taking notes in class. Physically tuck it away in a pocket if you have to. You may find you don’t miss your phone as much as you think you will!

2. Leaving assignments to the last minute

Last year, you spent one too many nights watching Netflix instead of writing papers, and your grades suffered as a result. But this year will be different. As soon as your prof hands you a deadline, make a workback calendar and divide the task into manageable, bite-sized chunks so it won’t seem so overwhelming. For extra motivation, treat yourself to something fun (30 minutes of TV, a snack from the dining hall) each time you cross something off the list.

3. Spending money instead of saving

Your college years are about having fun, but if you lose track of your budget you may find yourself scrambling for cash—and that will just distract from your studies. We’re not suggesting you forego the occasional movie or slice of pizza with friends, but make sure you’ve set aside money not only for textbooks and bills, but for entertainment as well. Download the Mint app to help you create a budget and keep tabs on your spending habits.

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