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Do you know how to study?

Nov 27, 2013

Many of us have never been taught how to study: You go to classes. Amass a bunch of notes. Highlight like crazy. But then what?

It's easy to get overwhelmed and procrastinate (ever notice that you seem to take a keen interest in housekeeping, organizing or laundry around exam time?). But procrastination leads to cramming, which, according to a report out of Kent State University is not an effective studying method. (The psychologists who co-authored the report also weren't fans of the highlighter or re-reading either!).

Here are some tips and resources to prepare you for exam season:


  • Be able to explain your study notes in your own words. Don't just memorize without fully understanding the exam topic
  • Ask questions and get help. Talk to professors, T.A.s, other students
  • Test yourself. Practice tests help you retain information by getting the brain familiar with retrieving information and mentally organizing it
  • Practice effective time management. Set goals and create a study schedule
  • Take advantage of on campus and online resources. Here are just a few:

Mohawk College: Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology offers this helpful handbook: Study Skills - Giving You the Tools to Succeed

Trent University: Exam Preparation – online tips including Exam Preparation, Managing Exam Anxiety and Studying for Essay Exams

Sault College: Student success strategy sessions offered individually and in groups. Topics range from study skills, time management, stress management, test preparation, note taking and learning styles

Niagara College: Study and Resource Links