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The Students' Guide to Snacking

Sep 25, 2013

When you are stressed, immersed in writing, studying or procrastinating, it's easy to mindlessly eat unhealthy food. (Case in point: I've almost consumed an entire row of cookies and have barely started writing this post).

So then it goes like this: You don't feel like a proper meal. You continue grazing. At 10 pm you realize you are starving and start browsing delivery menus online and see who wants in on a pizza. You order something greasy and wait for the doorbell to ring.

Repeat the next day.

You know it's important to fuel your body with healthy foods, but how do you do it fast and affordably? Some tips!

Regular meal times:

Try to stick to regular meal times and eat breakfast! This will cut down on the mindless snacking and emergency food orders.

Cook at home:

Fresh, unprocessed food is good for you. And, done right, it's more affordable and filling than eating out. The University of Ottawa's Health Services (UOHS) offers up some great recipes online. Hopeless in the kitchen? UOHS is holding cooking demo October 1. (Free food!)

If you're out – pick the healthy option:

Salads, hummus, grilled chicken vs fries, burgers and greasy cheesy things. And, according to a study from the University of Calgary, if you love your heart, avoid breakfast sandwiches, or what they call a 'time bomb in a bun' (catchy!)

Split the cost with your roommates:

If you share a home with other students, split the cost of basics. Things are cheaper when purchased in bulk and the cost shared.

Keep healthy snacks in your house, room or on your person:

A piece of fruit, baby carrots, almonds. So if you get the urge to eat between meal times, you have something healthy on hand.

And most importantly, crazy snacking can sometimes be a sign that you're stressed. Take a break! Too much of any one thing can lead to burn out and bad decision-making (that's why RGC recommends that people should set time limits and take frequent breaks in our Safer Gambling Tips)