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It's never too early to celebrate!

Sep 19, 2013

So, at the start of the school year it's easy to get overwhelmed and focus on all the work ahead of you: new courses, essays, exams, part-time job or volunteer work. But the University of Windsor has got it right! On September 19, they kick off their Celebration Weekend!

It's important to celebrate what you've accomplished so far. That could mean graduating from high school, excelling at a sport or musical instrument, getting into college or university, saving money over the summer or earning a scholarship.

It's an important lesson to learn: when striving towards future goals, don't forget to acknowledge how far you've come. The key to happiness isn't winning the lottery or a huge windfall or the trappings of success. We like the info graphic The Key to Happiness in 30 Seconds. We're especially fans of Happy Friends, Self-Trust and Smart Thrills (vs a hazardous thrill like betting more money than you can afford to lose!).

But you know the difference between smart thrills and hazardous thrills, right? Test your knowledge about gambling and you could win a $1500 scholarship award! Enter now!