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Enjoying (and Surviving!) the Holidays

Dec 10, 2012
It has been a busy first semester—for us, sure. But especially for you. You've been balancing classes, studying, exams and maybe even a part-time job, volunteering and going out. It's time to rest and recuperate. Since October, know the score 2 has visited 38 campuses across Atlantic Canada and Ontario, talking with students and raising awareness of problem gambling. We've had the chance to meet some great people, and we look forward to our first two stops of 2013: Durham College/UOIT, Simcoe and University of Toronto, Scarborough. But for now, let's focus on relaxing and having some fun during the holidays. For most of us, this means heading home and catching up with family and friends. But sometimes, going home can be tricky. You've just spent the last semester following your own rules and your own schedule and making your own decisions. Going back home and revisiting family dynamics can be awkward. Here are some tips to navigate the holidays with the family (and friends!) and avoid stress-inducing blow-outs: Remember your family's schedule and try to work with itStaying up until 3am, waking up sometime in the afternoon and eating pizza for breakfast may not be a great idea. Check inWhen you're out, take a couple of seconds to text or call your parents and give them an update. Even though you’re used to being on your own, you’ll need to keep them more in the loop about what you’re up to while you’re at home.Get your cheeks pinchedOk, maybe not literally. But make sure you're around when extended family visit. They all want to see you and hear about your campus exploits. Have a couple of stories saved up (the edited versions, of course).Expect some changesYour little sister drives! Your quiet, geeky best friend from high school has joined a band. Roll with the changes and see this as an opportunity for your relationships to evolve. Have fun! Truly use this time to recharge and rest...the new year will be here soon enough!Enjoy the holidays and we look forward to seeing you in 2013!