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Know the Score: it's about knowing more!

Responsible Gambling Council
Aug 21, 2012

When a new school year rolls around, thoughts naturally turn to a fresh start and new beginnings (even years later—when academic life is only a dim memory!) For you, the fresh start might mean a new city, new major, new residence, new friends. For all of us at Know the Score 2, our fresh start was finding novel ways to communicate with all of you.

What is Know the Score 2? 

It's an interactive problem gambling awareness program that dispels myths about gambling, highlights signs of problem gambling, shares local problem gambling services and suggests ways to keep gambling safer. Since the inaugural campus visits in 2002, Know the Score has been delivered 448 times to over 310,000 students on campuses in British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and even New York State. We are proud of the thousands of miles travelled so we could interact with students in person but there are only so many colleges and universities the program can visit each year! That's why we are focusing on communicating with you online, too. We’d like to broaden the conversation

In the past, we've used our Facebook page ( to send updates from the road or announce scholarship award recipients. This year, we’ll be on Twitter @knowthescore2 so follow us, and re tweet our messages with #kts2. But we wanted to broaden that conversation and share information and ideas that are helpful for students, and align with our Know the Score 2 messages.

That's why we launched our Know the Score 2 blog. Our tagline when we first started way back in 2002 was Know the Score: It's About Knowing More! And that's what this blog is about: knowing more and sharing information and tips to help you have the best experience possible on campus.

We'll cover topics like: 

  • Handling stress
  • Balancing work, academic success, social life
  • Managing your money
  • Navigating new relationships, city, course load

We’re Tapping into the minds of Campus Life Specialists

We know: we're the experts on problem gambling prevention, not campus life. So we've sourced information from colleges and universities across Canada, blogs we like and other great resources. (Of course, there will often be a problem gambling awareness tie-in—but only where it fits!)

We’d love to hear from you too – so please let us know what topics you are interested in: What you like, what you don't like, what you'd like more of.

Thanks for checking in. We hope you have a great year and that you visit again soon!