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  • Finish Strong!

    Feb 25, 2015
    You hear a lot about finishing strong in sports; the season, the race, the game. (Some football players have even taken to shaving this message onto their heads.) The most notable demonstration of failing to finish strong is sprinter Usain Bolt’s notorious early celebrations: He routinely celebrates in advance of crossing the finish line, most famously at the 2012 Beijing Olympics. Now, if this was a fable, a slower, more steadfast runner would have caught him off guard and passed him. But, come on, we’re talking the Fastest Man on Earth. But…if you look at it from a ‘personal best’ perspective, Bolt has blown countless opportunities to blast his own record. Lab coat-types have analyzed his 2012 performance and have determined that he could have crushed his past times if he hadn’t started flailing around prematurely. By losing focus and finishing sloppy, he didn`t perform to the best of his abilities.
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